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Weighing The Nonfinancial Costs Of Estate Litigation

At Edward F. Macaulay Law Corp., estate law is our exclusive focus. For over 20 years, we have represented scores of clients embroiled in complex, multi-layered estate disputes throughout Vancouver.

At its core, an estate is about money, assets and property — all tangible financial realities. Clients come to us for help pursuing or defending their rights to these concrete, material resources. Yet, after years of experience and scores of cases, we have consistently seen how the decision to litigate must necessarily include other costs — most of them nonfinancial.

Our role is to help you gain the information, insights and perspectives you need to make a well-contemplated decision before embarking on litigation.

Endurance Through The Process

Litigation is rarely a quick process. Advancing a case through the judicial process is slow-moving and onerous. Depending on court schedules, a case can take one to two years before going to trial — time that even the most patient individuals often find taxing.

Human Factors At Play

In the vast majority of cases, the parties to an estate dispute are bound by family ties. But the adversarial nature of a lawsuit can easily cause irreparable damage — and involved parties may not realize the full impact until it’s too late.

Long-simmering tensions often surface. Confidential information may be excavated. Bystanders — a litigant’s spouse, children and other entourage — are all likely to feel the strain as a case persists. These are all heavy nonfinancial costs of estate disputes.

Calculating The Legal Probabilities

Perceptions of what is fair or unfair vary widely. Going to trial means placing the outcome in the hands of a judge. A litigant must thoroughly understand whether the basis for his or her action is valid, rational and solidly supported. Unrealistic expectations can easily lead to bitter and costly disappointment — especially for an unsuccessful plaintiff left shouldering the legal costs of a victorious defendant.

Discuss The Decision To Litigate An Estate Dispute

If you are contemplating litigation to resolve conflict over an estate, our lawyer can provide an objective and frank professional assessment. Arrange a consultation by calling us locally at 604-259-2896 or toll free at 800-401-4983, or reach our lawyer by email.