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Solutions To Remove A Trustee

Beneficiaries to an estate or trust may disagree with the actions of a trustee. They may file an application to the court to have the trustee removed because he or she did not perform his duties properly. At Edward F. Macaulay Law Corp of Vancouver, our lawyer represents those seeking to remove a trustee or trustees whose appointments are facing legal challenges.

What Actions Can Prompt Trustee Removal?

A trustee can be removed upon application to the court, according to Section 30 of the Trustee Act. In order for an application to be successful, an applicant must demonstrate the trustee has failed to do his or her job properly.

This might include a circumstance where a trustee does not fully understand his or her duties and fails to do what is in the best interest of the trust or estate. A lawyer can help you to determine whether a trustee’s actions may lead to a successful application for removal.

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