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Resolving Abuses By A Power Of Attorney

Acting as a power of attorney is a serious responsibility. The appointed individual has the legal authority to make important decisions for an incapacitated signee. Serious problems can arise when an appointee breaches his or her fiduciary duty or when others make serious allegations of such.

At Edward F. Macaulay Law Corp., our lawyer has navigated many such cases in Vancouver. Whether you need to prove a claim or defend yourself against one, we can provide high-quality representation that comes from over two decades of legal experience.

Investigating Power Of Attorney Abuse

If you are an adult child who suspects that your incapacitated parent is being exploited or abused by a power of attorney, we can step in and help.

Raising and investigating the issues requires care and precision. Relationships may be at risk, especially when disputing siblings are involved or underlying motivations involving potential estate disputes may be at play.

After acting in many such cases over the years, we can provide detailed analysis and objective insights to clarify the issues and, if necessary, fight a solid case.

Defence Against Unsubstantiated Allegations

If you are an appointed power of attorney who has been accused of abuse, you need a solid defence. We have represented many individuals in this precarious situation and know how to fight the allegations. We can help you:

  • Clarify the legal parameters of your powers
  • Determine if you are acting within them
  • Gather evidence to support your case

Obtain A Professional Opinion About Actual Or Suspected Abuse

Elder abuse is a sensitive issue with potentially serious and long-lasting impact on the parties involved. Contact us for a consultation and frank case assessment. Call 604-259-2896, toll free at 800-401-4983 or email us through our online form.