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Navigating Disputes Over Joint Assets And Unjust Enrichment

Innocuous actions during an individual’s life can easily ignite into a full-scale estate dispute after death. One common cause stems from conflict over joint assets. In other cases, one party seeks a share in a deceased’s estate after having contributed to it without proper compensation. In these and other estate litigation disputes, our lawyer at Edward F. Macaulay Law Corp. can help.

Dissecting Joint Ownership

Conflict can arise when a parent adds a child’s name as a co-owner of a significant asset. One example is a joint bank account that simply allows an adult child convenient access to pay bills for an aging parent. Or a parent may attempt to avoid probate by passing on the family home to a child through joint tenancy.

After the parent’s death, excluded siblings or other estate beneficiaries may claim that the joint assets were not originally intended as a gift to the co-owning child. Proving such claims or defending against them can be challenging.

Pursuing Compensation For Unjust Enrichment

In cases of unjust enrichment, an individual may have performed services that increased the value of an estate — such as the enhancement or upkeep of a property. After the testator’s death, the claimant may surface to claim compensation.

Whether joint assets or unjust enrichment, the outcome of a case often hinges on legal details and adequate supporting documentation. As one of Vancouver’s exclusive practices in estate law, we can provide you with a frank assessment and, if you proceed, a strong, well-prepared case.

Discuss Your Dispute With An Estates Litigation Lawyer

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