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Representation For Challenging Or Defending A Will

A court can declare a will invalid if it does not represent the testator’s true wishes. After a person passes, beneficiaries can take legal steps to have his or her will overturned. Edward F. Macaulay Law Corp in Vancouver represents clients seeking to invalidate a will or to have it defended in the face of challenge. Our work includes representing clients in the Lower Mainland and in other areas of British Columbia.

Grounds For Challenge

To launch a successful will challenge, a claimant must generally show that the will-maker did not truly make his or her own choices when the document was drafted. The intentions expressed are not therefore a proper reflection of what he or she would have wanted.

Among the most common bases for challenging a will are:

Assessing Your Chances

A lawyer can help you to determine if your situation could lead to a successful will challenge or if your loved one’s will can be legally defended.

Our founding lawyer, Edward F. Macaulay, has been a practicing estate lawyer in B.C. for more than 20 years. His experience with estate litigation, including will contest claims, gives him the required knowledge to advise potential clients about the strength of their case.

Contact Us About Challenging Or Defending A Will

If you seek legal advice about contesting or defending a will, contact our office to arrange a meeting with our will challenge lawyer in Vancouver. We can be reached at 604-259-2896 in the Lower Mainland or toll free at 800-401-4983.