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What Are An Executor’s Responsibilities?

As an executor, your duty is to the estate and you are bound by provisions of the will. Even if you believe the will to be unfair, you are bound by it as the executor. At our Vancouver firm of Edward F. Macaulay Law Corp, we advise executors on their rights and responsibilities as estate administrators.

Responsibilities Of An Estate Administrator

In addition to the requirement to remain neutral with regard to the estate and to perform everyday administrative tasks, estate administrators have many important responsibilities. These include:

  • Protecting the assets of the estate
  • Paying the debts of the estate
  • Providing an accurate accounting of the estate’s assets
  • Distributing the assets appropriately

Reliable Advice For Executors

A lawyer can review these responsibilities with you and advise you how best to properly execute them. A component of asset protection, for example, may be arranging for appropriate insurance and secure storage of valuables.

Edward F. Macaulay has built a successful career as an estate litigator and is a trusted adviser on wills and estates issues. The lawyer and staff at our firm share a commitment to offering each client high-quality legal advice and one-on-one consultation about his or her case.

Seek Legal Guidance To Carry Out Your Executor Duties

If you have questions about your role as estate administrator and the requirements placed upon you by law, we can help. Call us at 604-259-2896 in the Lower Mainland or toll free at 800-401-4983 or through our online form.