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Applying For Probate If A Will Exists

Following the loss of a loved one, many dread probate and the cumbersome task of administering the estate. With proper legal guidance, however, this process can be completed seamlessly and with minimal strain to those who remain. At Edward F. Macaulay Law Corp, we advise executors on the probate and administration process in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia.

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Grants Of Probate And Letters Of Administration

Probate is the process of asking a court to declare that a will is legally valid. Once this occurs, an estate administrator, also known as an executor, will take over the governance of the estate.

A will usually contains the name of an executor who will administer the estate upon the testator’s passing. A Grant of Probate is to be applied for if it is required; if it is not required, the estate is simply administered according to the will. A lawyer can advise as to whether a Grant of Probate is necessary in your situation.

Sometimes, however, a will does not name an executor or the named executor is also deceased. In these and other circumstances, an individual who would like to be appointed executor applies to a court for Letters of Administration. This is similar to the process in the case where someone dies without a will.

Edward F. Macaulay is an experienced probate lawyer who has served Lower Mainland clients since 1991. After practicing for several years in a Vancouver law firm, Macaulay started his own practice in 2000. Since then he has lectured and published widely, positioning himself as a respected lawyer in the area of estate litigation.

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