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Comprehensive Estate Administration Services

Following a death, a multitude of legal, financial and practical tasks must be tended to before an estate can finally close. For the bereaved, sorting through the documentation and many processes involved often proves overwhelming.

At Edward F. Macaulay Law Corp., our lawyer can step in and take over the burden. Our boutique firm is one of only a handful in Vancouver that practices exclusively in estate law. With over two decades of experience, our legal team has the skill to advise on and administer estate matters at the highest level of efficiency, timeliness and accuracy.

Guidance, Advice And Service

Every estate is unique, and each executor different. Some estates are simple and the appointed executor needs only a minimum of legal guidance to carry out tasks. At other times, an estate is large and complex, with numerous parties in dispute over its contents and distribution.

In all such cases, lawyer Edward Macaulay can provide pointed legal advice to successfully navigate issues and bring about the estate’s closure. We have helped hundreds of clients gain the clarity and tools needed to forge an effective path forward.

Our service includes direction and assistance with such estate administration matters as:

Clients often come to us with many questions about administering an estate. We aim to leverage our legal knowledge to provide the smoothest experience and most reliable outcome possible in winding up an estate.

Consult About Your Estate Administration Matter

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