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Legal Advice On Adult Guardianship Applications And Disputes

Adult guardianship is a process in British Columbia whereby a committee is appointed to care for an individual’s financial affairs and to make personal care and health care decisions. In most cases, a committee is appointed when an individual has suddenly become mentally incapacitated and does not have a power of attorney.

At Edward F. Macaulay Law Corp of Vancouver, we prepare guardianship applications for clients and represent clients in the case of a guardianship dispute.

Laws Governing Adult Guardianship In British Columbia

In British Columbia, four major pieces of legislation lay out the rules in regards to mental incapacity and adult guardianship, including who can apply for adult guardianship. These laws are:

  • The Representation Agreement Act
  • The Health Care (Consent) and Care Facility (Admission) Act
  • The Adult Guardianship Act
  • The Public Guardian and Trustee Act

The individual applying to be guardian need not be a relative or family member. A friend may also be appointed, or the guardian may also be the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia.

Since granting an individual guardianship over another person’s affairs strips him or her of some legal rights, obtaining guardianship is a substantial process best undertaken with the advice of a lawyer.

Personalized Service For Adult Guardianship Issues

Edward F. Macaulay and his staff at Edward F. Macaulay Law Corp know clients often have questions or concerns about their cases after they have left the office. Part of our firm’s commitment to our clients is our willingness to be available to respond to client queries on an ongoing basis as their cases progress. As an experienced lawyer, Edward F. Macaulay is the knowledgeable advocate our clients need.

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